iHeartRadio App Reviews

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Wont stay on now when you look at other apps :/

Please fix this. Now I cant leave the app screen without losing the sound :/

How do you cancel subscription???

The app directs you to their webpage, their webpage directs you to the App Store! You went from a 5 star to a - star based upon shady practices. Where is the contact us link?

Great app

Great app to listen music and can be used internationally.

Better Sound

Seems to have a better sound quality compared to the "other" music streaming app. Also, they have an amazing all 80s Live music station!

Big fan

I love this app because I can play any kind of music I like and doesnt have many commercials, works great! Thank you.

Play the artist we ask for

I listen to radio when I mow lawn (3 hours). I listen to Metallica radio. Heard 2 Metallica songs in 3 hours. Im just gonna go back to pandora. At least I get 5 or 6 Metallica songs in an hour.

Great App!

So many options and works great!

I love this radio

I love my iheart radio ?

Really crappy now

Used to allow you to skip songs a few times, but now theres no skip button, and it keeps buffering. It also skips the first and last few seconds of songs. Used to be my go to, but now I just downloaded it out of curiosity and am deleting it again.


I love having radio stations from across the country at my fingertips. Love I Heart Radio.

I hate the new update

I have an iPhone 7 since the new update this morning when my screen times out the show shuts down. I want the last version back there was nothing wrong with it. When you correct this problem Im sure married you will be back to five stars.

Love this app!

I listen to iHeartRadio at work almost daily! Love it!!



Use to be a great service

Now they want you to pay for the service. Pop up ads completely take away from the music. Just deleted the and back to pandora. Better to deal with their ads where can at least listen to songs not click on a stupid pop up


Almost best music app ever. Not the best though. It was better but now you have to pay for alot.

Works like a charm with my iHome Bluetooth speakers

I just signed up and its great so far and I do like having the option to listen to the radio (my local stations) a plus!


Love I heart radio... theres only one station I listen to that I cant find on here..


Ive used this app for years to listen to RMG. Since the update the app randomly freezes and buffers. It seems like it is because of it trying to load a pop-up ad. I understand why the ads are needed for iheart but there has to be a better way to implement it. Tired of dealing with it. Incredibly frustrating.

Loving my music station!!

I have no complaints at all!!! Of course I have the best station. Why, you might ask? Because I got to build my own!! And just when you think it cant get better theres an update and one more Awesome detail has been added!!! Keep it up!!

That Guud stuff

I absolutely love this app and its music. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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